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The benefits of using an energy consultant

When the Part L building regulations came into force in 2006, they turned the construction industry on its head and made designing and building new homes a much more complex process. And the regulations continue to change as Government targets for reducing CO2 emissions become ever tighter.

In the early days the Regulations created a sense of uncertainty and confusion. Even now keeping on top of the latest changes in the legislation can be challenging, and that's where it's beneficial to seek expert advice.

Don Howard is Technical Director at Energist UK (, specialists in Part L compliance. "There's a real need for quick and reliable information. Customers need to know how the regulations affect them and they want answers and practical solutions. That's where the benefits of using an energy consultant, such as Energist, come into play."

Energist specialise in all aspects of Part L compliance. Their residential services include SAP Calculations, Code for Sustainable Homes compliance, Air Testing and Energy Statements for residential buildings, while their Commercial services include BREEAM, Air Testing and Energy Performance Certificates. More at

Energist's Technical Director regards his role as straightforward: "Our job is to provide information and practical solutions and get our customers through the Part L Regulations pass process as quickly and effectively as possible. We make sure we keep abreast of changes in legislation and our involvement with organisations such as NHER (Energist is closely involved with the NHER Consultation Board on SAP 2010) means that our customers can be confident that the advice we give is always up to date and will help them achieve their required certification. "

In Howard's opinion it is essential that the right specialists are brought into a development at the right time, as this ensures that all the necessary information is available and can be built into the planning process. "Fully thought-out consultation at the design stage is a necessary requisite for a fully compliant building. Leaving it too late can mean that a building falls short of the required level of certification. For example, on a recent Code for Sustainable Homes project, we were only brought in at a very late stage and it became apparent at the Review that the project was not going to meet Code Level 3. However, with our help the customer is now hoping to achieve level 2. For the best possible Code Level we would always recommend involving our Assessors at the earliest possible stage, ideally at planning."

Energist can be contacted at:

Energist House, Kemble Enterprise Park, Kemble, Gloucestershire GL7 6BQ
t: 08458 386 387 (8.30am-5.30pm weekdays) f: 08456 432 232

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