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  • BGCI -Botanic Gardens Conservation International links over 800 botanic gardens and botanical institutions in more than 120 countries in the world's largest network for plant conservation, environmental education and sustainable development.
  • Bristol Street Trees -group campaigning for the protection and reinstatement of trees in our streets, in particular the grand avenues of large trees such as the London Plane.
  • BUGS -Biodiversity of Urban Gardens -Sheffield University investigative project, looking at the significance of urban gardens as habitats for 'natural' biodiversity.
  • English Nature -article explaining the importance of wildlife diversity.
  • Plant for the Planet -gardeners conservatiuon checklist published as a BGCI public education campaign.
  • Royal Horticultural Society -leaflet on gardens and biodiversity.
  • Space for Nature -Wildlife Gardening Forum by Richard Berkmar aimed at people interested in the wildlife in their gardens and gardeners who wish to encourage wildlife.
  • Wiggly Wigglers -based in Herefordshire, you can find pretty well anything you need to do with composting and gardening with wildlife from the Herefordshire based company.
  • -joint project between the Royal Horticultural Society and The Wildlife Trust, designed to inform gardeners about the value of plants for wildlife.
  • Wildlife Gardening -Jenny Steel -stunning website by Jenny Steel with pretty well everything you need to do to make your garden wildlife friendly.

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