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Waste and Composting.
Disposal of waste in the UK has become a significant issue as the volume of waste we produce continues to rise. Much of it goes to landfill, with attendant problems of pollution and shortage of land, but thanks to government legislation and taxation of waste the proportion of municipal waste sent to landfill has continued to fall to 62% in 2005/6. 27% of waste was recycled and 10% incinerated in that year (figures provided by DEFRA).
Composting your degradable waste is a great way to reduce landfill. A good data sheet on composting is published by Wasteonline.org, and good practical advice is also available from the Henry Doubleday Research Association. If you are thinking of setting up a local composting group, then some good help can be found at HomeComposting.org.
Peat should be avoided as a compost material so as to not destroy fragile peatlands -more on this from Friends of the Earth, or the Wildlife Trust. Many of the major suppliers have policies to phase out the use of Peat entirely, most notably B&Q.

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