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 Sustainable Garden Design
There are many ways that your garden can support the sustainability of your house. Planting can be used to affect the micro climate around buildings, providing shelter and shade, as well as encouraging wildlife and providing a source of food. Composting will recycle not only your garden waste, but also deal with some of the most difficult household waste too, and through the use of wetlands, larger gardens can be used to purify and conserve water for reuse.
  • Eco Garden Designs -based in Aberdeen, they offer a socially responsible garden design service -their designs incorporate sustainable local and recycled or reclaimed products.
  • Grant Associates -Bath based practice specialising in sustainable landscape design.
  • Mark Lawrence -based near Chichester, Mark is an award winning garden designer specialising in sustainable garden design.
  • Sector 39 -the partnership of Steve Jones and Dave Richards, Sector 39 specialises in sustainable garden designs for schools and private clients.
  • UBU Design -an innovative Landscape Architecture Practice based in Winchester, Hampshire, who fuse contemporary design with an intimate understanding of sustainability and green architecture.


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