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Food production without using artificial pesticides or fertilisers.
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Organic gardening.
If you want to find our more about gardening organically, then probabably the best two places to start are The Henry Doubleday Research Association, whose website in a treasure trove of useful information, and the Soil Association who set the standard for organic gardening in the UK and produce an extensive Organic Directory listing over 2000 organic producers.
  • Biodynamics -the original non-chemical gardening movement set up in 1924 by Rudolh Steiner.
  • Ecological Gardens -Paula Westmoreland's website on gardening organically without herbicides and pesticides to encourage biological diversity.
  • Garden Organic -working name for the Henry Doubleday Research Association, Europe's largest organic membership organisation, dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food.
  • Good Gardeners Association -a charity which aims to teach members to 'move betond organic' and grow vegtables naturally without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides -useful archive of past articles.
  • The Green Garden -an introduction to organic gardening for beginners with plenty of advice of self-sufficiency from bee-keeing to running a smallholding.
  • Organic Delivery Company -orgqanic locally produced goods delivered to your home in most parts of the UK.
  • Organic UK -independant advice on growing organic fruit and veg.
  • Plants For A Future -database of 7000 edible, medicinal and generally useful plants. Also operate demonstration gardens in Devon and Cornwall.
  • Shared Garden -a community based shared organic garden project in Nottingham.
  • Soil Association - promotes sustainable organic farming and sets the certification standard for organic food -a wealth of information on the subject.

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