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Permaculture is best described as ecological agriculture -it is the science of creating sustainable natural systems for food production, and for an ethical lifestyle in general. For a longer description of the principles of permaculture, see the Permaculture Association website.

If you are interested in learning more, then a number of organisations offer courses, including Aryana Gardens , Patrick Whitefield Associates, and Naturewise.

  • Aryana Gardens -Aryana offers teaching and design of Permaculture gardens, and is co-ordinator of the Sustainability And Permaculture group in East Devon, Dorset & South Somerset. He displays a clear enthusiasm and passion for his lifestyle.
  • Earthworks Trust -a sustainability centre, situated in 55 acres of woodland on the South Downs in Hampshire -they run courses and conferences on a range of subjects from hedge laying to composting toilets, and have their own hostel for visitors.
  • Crippets -house and garden design in Devon by Gale and Snowden Architects -nice photos plus a history of permaculture by David Gale.
  • International Institute for Ecological Agriculture -founded in 1993 in California by Farmer David Blume as a non-profit membership organization focused on promoting Permaculture and alternative fuels. Although based in California, we have listed them for the range ofarticles and other useful information on permaculture, and alchohol fuelled cars.
  • Naturewise -offer a range of short and long permaculture training courses on their forest garden in Islington, London
  • Patrick Whitefield Associates -courses in Permaculture in Gloucestershire and Somerset by Patrick and Cathy Whitefield (and friends!).
  • Permaculture Association -huge rambling site with a directory of permaculture groups, courses and general information on the subject -has a good explanation of the principles of permaculture.
  • Ragmans Farm -farm in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire operating on permaculture principles and offering courses on sustainable land use and permaculture design.
  • 8th International Permaculture Conference -set to take place in May 2007 in Brazil.

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