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With over a million and a half visitors since we first started in 2002, visitors to TheHousePlanner currently total around 20,000 people per month. Approximately 85% of these are UK based.
We offer discounts to companies promoting sustainable products or with strong ethical and environmental policies -please enquire, with relevant details so that we can assess eligibility.
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If you are a manufacturer of construction or home improvement products serving the UK market, and would like your company displayed to our readership, we can offer a range of banner adverts for as little as £10 per month, subject to a minimum order of one year. Banner positions are available a number of standard sizes, and once we accept your banner, we will guarantee to keep it in the top position on the page selected. Format can be html or javascript.
Banner prices (except home page):
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-£90 per year
Home page banner prices: (no availability at present)
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-£40 per month or £360 per year
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-£30 per month or £270 per year

Featured Listing:
Featured supplier listing comprising an in-page text advert as illustrated below. This will include your name, url, descriptive text of up to 50 words and optional JPEG image 120 wide by 75 pixels high. Great for illustrating a particular product or service. Featured suppliers will be positioned within page content .
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-£75 per year
Your service or product must be relevant to the page where the ad is displayed, and the wording should be a fair description of the product or service on offer, and not use excessive capitals or superlatives -we reserve the right to make amendments to meet this requirement. Not available on the home page.

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The Small Print:

Adverts will be placed online for review prior to payment, which can be by cheque or Paypal.
We will use our best endeavours to ensure that the web service is maintained online. Occasional maintenance may be required by our hosting service provider or providers of the wider internet framework, when access may be restricted for periods.
This website aims to follow Google guidelines for the placement of paid advertising, including the identification of advertising as featured or sponsored, and use of no follow tags. We reserve the right to modify advert code to meet changes to the guidelines.
No guarantee is made in repect of amount of traffic sent or demographic breakdown as this is dependant a range of external factors.

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The Whole House Book: Ecological Building Design and Materials (Second Edition)
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