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Combined Heat and Power Systems:

Combined Heat and Power is a fuel-efficient energy technology that utilises the by-product heat that is normally wasted to the environment. CHP can increase the overall efficiency of fuel use to more than 75%, compared with around 50% from conventional electricity generation. Furthermore, because it often supplies electricity locally, CHP can also avoid transmission and distribution losses.
  • Carbon Trust -small scale CHP pilot field trials.
  • CHPA -the Combined Heat and Power Association promotes the use of combined heat and power and community heating.
  • CHP Club -an initiative under the Carbon Trust's Networks programme, aimed at assisting users in getting the maximum benefits from CHP through information, exchange and advice.
  • DEFRA -the Government's targets for Combined Heat and Power
  • ECPower -based in Bristol, they market mini-energy production units with an extremely high level of efficiency, turning as much as 93% of the fuel energy directly into heat and power.
  • Whispergen -a personal generation system from Powergen that can efficiently heat a family home whilst generating electricity to supplement grid supply using a micro combined heat and power (microCHP) system based on a Stirling external combustion engine.

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