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Investing in Eco homes:

Great Bow Yard -photo by Nick Spollen
Have you ever considered ecohomes as an investment? If you are not in a position to build your own ecohome, but would still like to be part of the ecohome movement, then this could be just the investment for you. The Ecos Fund has been set up to allow supporters the chance to invest in sustainable developments in the South West of England. Over the next three years Ecos Homes are planning to build up to eighty sustainable and affordable houses on four sites in Somerset and Dorset.

Your investment will help build some of the first houses in the UK that will have zero carbon heating and lighting systems and create a new standard for eco-homes. You can invest between £500 and £20,000 and the fund is aiming to achieve a return of 8% to 9% per annum. Further details and a prospectus can be found on their website at

Alternatively contact Liz Clark at Ecos on 01458 259400.

Links to eco homes by individuals and groups.
  • Alan Simpson Ecohouse -story of the conversion of a derelict Nottingham Lace Hall into a modern ecohouse -Alan is currently writing a book about it with the architect, Julian Marsh.
  • Bedzed -Beddington Zero Energy Development, pioneering low energy housing designed by Bill Dunster.
  • Berkeley Ecohouse -resource cente demonstrating both traditional and modern methods of environmentally healthy living. Ecologically friendly materials how they look, feel, work, cost, where to find them, and how to put them to work into homes/businesses.
  • BioRegional Development Group is an entrepreneurial, independent environmental organisation founded in 1992 by Pooran Desai and Sue Riddlestone. Bioregional are developers of BedZED, the UK's largest eco-village.
  • Crossways -the home of Richard and Sarah Hawkes, as well as being featured on Grand Designs in 2009 this is one of the first certified Passivhaus standard houses in the country.
  • Earthships -solar independent buildings that heat and cool themselves, are self powered, harvest their own water and deal with their own waste. With free energy from the sun and free materials from waste, the Earthship is based on earth rammed tyre walls giving thermal mass to store heat.
  • Ecoboat -Dutch site dedicated to the construction of floating homes -the Netherlands are particularly vlunerable to sea level changes and this is seen as one solution to the effects of gloabal warming (mostly in Dutch but some English articles).
  • Ecobob -an extenive directory of eco-houses in Australia and New Zealand -nicely presented with keys facts, contact details and thumbnail picture of each property.
  • Ecohab -a range of prefabricated eco homes by Manchester entrepreneur Aidan Quinn. The pods are designed to be stand alone off-grid solutions, but sadly are not particularly attractive.
  • Eco Home Network - an on-going living research center that demonstrates ecological living in an urban environment. The Eco-Home is a restored and retrofitted California style bungalow, circa 1911 that shows how simple property improvements can make your home warm, friendly yet environmentally sound and healthy.
  • Eco Home Show -the UK's home improvement and sustainable living exhibition for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Gallions EcoPark -Ecopark is an affordable housing scheme of 39 2 & 3 bedroom houses, and 8 flats, built on sustainable and environmental principles. The development includes an eco show home and visitor centre.
  • Global Eco-village Network information on eco-villages worldwide.
  • Green Hamlet -build and restore homes using natural materials using natural materials and techniques that do not damage the environment such as lime, cob, strawbale and green oak.
  • Judy of the Woods -a personal account of living off-grid in an ecohome in Wales.
  • Landhouse -project conceived by Somerset based artist Mark Merer, who wanted to correct the intrusive nature of most modern estate developments, and wanted to create forms that are appropriate to modern methods of green design.
  • Moonstone -John Croft and Leigh Grainger's self build Cotswold House project
  • Moya -a hybrid passive solar house built in Suffolk in1985 by architect Cedric Green.
  • Natural Homes -courses in straw bale and cob and earthbag.
  • The Black House -works to promote the wider use of combined heat and power and community heating -useful directory of providers.
  • Sherwood Energy Village a major initiative for the East Midlands transforming a 91 acre former colliery in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire into an environmental enterprise comprising industry, housing, recreation and leisure.
  • South West Eco Homes -subsidiary company of The Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development -recently completed an eco home project at Great Bow Yard in Langport.
  • Talisman Manufacturing -constructors of the two timber Eco Houses in South Dulwich for owner Bill Bradley and featured on Grand Designs.
  • Yellow House -a 1920s ex-Council house in South Oxfordshire, remodelled to exhibit high energy efficiency and other "green" features.

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