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Ethical Finance and Investment:

Lots of institutions now offer products with 'ethical' components -before entering any financial arrangement you may wish to ask for details of the companies policy -they can cover a number of areas -climate change, social responsibility, arms and warfare. This is one area where you can use your influence as a consumer to make a difference.

We have listed a range of UK banks below, but for those with ethical and environmental agendas, you should try Triodos or the Co-operative Bank. For ethical pensions, Standard Life, Norwich Union and Friends Provident all have ethical schemes -you can get some good background on this from the Green Consumer Guide or EIRIS.

Ethical Finance Organisations:

  • Ethical Investment Co-operative -a democratically run co-operative which draws financial advisers from across the country to share experience, skills and resources to help promote ethical investment in the UK.
  • Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS) was established as the UK's first independent research service in ethical investment, providing the underlying research into companies' social, environmental and ethical performance needed by investors to make informed and socially responsible investment decisions.
  • Ethical Investors Group -sets out to provides a specialist financial advice service to those who care about their world and its preservation, and wish to extend this philosophy to all areas of their lives -investments, pensions, life assurance and mortgages.
  • Friends of the Earth -FOE advice on selecting ethical investments.
  • Gaeia Partnership -Independent Financial Advisers specialising in ethical investment incorporating environmental & socially responsible investments.

Finance in General:

  • Bank of England -the "old lady of Threadneedle Street" -the Bank sets UK monetary policy.
  • British Bankers Association -the leading trade association in the banking and financial services industry representing banks and other financial services firms operating in the UK. Useful for market statistics.
  • HM Customs and Excise -VAT refunds for do-it-yourself builders and converters.
  • Inland Revenue -news and information on tax and national insurance, including downloadable leaflets and forms and the latest news on filing tax returns on-line.
  • Office of Fair Trading -for advice on consumer debt.
Banks and Pension Providers:
  • Co-operative Bank -the original ethical bank -their policy introduced in 1992 supports fair trade and excludes investment in any government or business that breaches human rights, engages in manufacture of arms, supports oppressive regimes, or damages the environment.
  • Friends Provident -leading provider of financial services with a strong corporate and social agenda.
  • Triodos -ethical bank which finances companies, institutions and projects that add cultural value and benefit people and the environment. Products include the Triodos Renewable Energy Bond which utilises your savings to help finance renewable energy generation.
  • Other banks:
Abbey National | Alliance and Leicester | Allied Irish | Bank of Ireland | Bank of Scotland | Barclays |Birmingham Midshires | Co-operative | Coutts | Halifax | HSBC | Lloyds TSB | National Westminster | Nationwide | Royal Bank of Scotland | Triodos | Yorkshire Bank |

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