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Bitumen, mastic asphalt and single ply membranes.
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Flat Roofing

Generally laid to falls at 1 in 40 (min 1 in 80) -this can be achieved using firrings to achieve a sloping substructure or cut to falls insulation. Types -built up felt, mastic asphalt and single ply membrane; the high performance membranes will give a much longer life than traditional felt systems but will require specialist contractors.
There are two types of generic make up -a cold roof where the insulation sits below the membrane and a warm roof where it sits above. Cold roofs may require ventilation depending on the construction. Warm roofs are now more common to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.
  • NFRC -the National Federation of roofing Contractors -useful listing of contractors by region.
  • Roofconsult -householders guide to Flat Roofing.

Featured Supplier:

Flat Felt Roofing DVD (Torch-on Application)
Professionally produced by MC Video and presented by a specialist with a lifetime of experience in the felt roofing industry. This single DVD covers all safety issues and illustrates, chapter by chapter, a complete three layer system of the torch on application of felt roofing materials including flashings to the drip edge, side fascia, parapet wall, adjacent tiled/slate roof, box gutter, skylight and soil/pipe details. A wealth of forty years experience and knowledge plus FREE email customer support. 

Membrane Manufacturers

  • Anderson Monarflex -makers of Icopal Sure-Weld TPO -an advanced Thermoplastic Polyolefin waterproofing solution that combines the flexibility of rubber with the durability of heat weldable seals. and FireSmart Single Ply - a non-flammable SBS polymer modified bitumen, the first roofing membrane system approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board
  • Bauder -manufacturers of single ply membranes and green roof systems.
  • TBS Elastomers -Ecoseal EP thermoplastic polypropylene roofing membranes do not contain harmful chemicals such as toxins, dioxins, halogens or plasticisers.
  • Marley Waterproofing -site aimed at the DIY market, explaining the use of their felt roofing systems.
  • Ruberoid -leading UK manufacturer and supplier of high-performance integrated waterproofing solutions, including built-up flat roofing systems, pitched roof underslatings and breather membranes and roofing shingles.
  • Sarnafil -part of the Sika Group, Sarnafil was a pioneer of single ply roof membranes.

Rainwater outlets

  • Caro -comprehensive range of roof and floor drainage outlets, including traditional spigot, balcony and compact outlets.
  • Harmer -roof outlets from Alumasc.
  • Wade International -manufacturer of quality drainage products - floor gullies, floor drains, roof outlets, grease converters and gratings.

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