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Geothermal Energy:

Using the constant temperature of the top part of the earth's surface to provide energy for heating or cooling through boreholes and ground source heat pumps. Largely used for district schemes until now, this source of energy is increasingly possible for individual users too.
  • Clear Skies -the DTI scheme to provide grants
  • Geothermal Heating UK -provides geothermal heating and cooling solutions for businesses and homes throughout the UK.
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Association -promotes the concept of using Ground Source Heat Pumps as an environmentally preferable means of heating and cooling buildings and to act as an impartial source of information about the ways in which this may be done.
  • Invisible Heating -specialists in the manufacture, design, supply and installation
    of under floor heating and renewable energy systems. Integrated packages include geothermal heat pumps, road energy and solar.
  • John Gilbert Architects -datasheet on geothermal energy in housing projects.
  • Powertech -leading Irish renewable energy specialist, suppling and installing biomass and geothermal systems.
  • Zyggis -rock drilling specialists who can carry out boreholes for ground source systems.

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