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Stairs made with glass components.
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Siller are a stair design and manufacturing company who work closely with architects, designers and homebuilders to create unique design stairs.
With 15 years experience with glass stairs, Siller has a total of 25 years in the industry, making wood, wood and stainless steel combinations, steel, glass, stone and concrete staircases.
Specialising in custom made stair designs for private and public buildings, Siller has worked internationally since 2006 and has completed projects in Italy, Germany, UK, France, Spain, USA, Canada and Norway.

Glass Stairs


  • Firman Glass -Essex based company with a huge range of experience in the use of structural glazing -stairs, guarding, conservatories, canopies and other specialist glass structures.
  • Cantifix Architectural Glazing -architectural glazing supplier based in London -their range of products includes laminated treads and other frames less glass structures.
  • Ion Glass -architectural and decorative glass specialists based in West Sussex.
  • Luxcrete -manufacturer of glass blocks -do a range of pre cast stair treads with glass blocks set into them.
  • Peterlee Glass -their website contains a useful gallery of glass staircases and also glass balustrades.
  • Pilkington -the leading glass manufacturer in the UK -sadly the website can be difficult to find your way around, but there is a wealth of information here.
  • Specialist Glass Products Limited -Huddersfield based manufacturer of specialist toughened, laminated and curved glass.
  • Spiral Staircase Systems -offer glass and acrylic treads as part of their range of spiral stairs.
  • The DNA Stair -stunning glass and stainless steel stair designs from Designer Geoffrey Packer, who specialises in experimental 3D design.

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