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Housing information:

  • Building for Life -organisation commited to improving the quality of house design -has some useful project case studies.
  • Chartered Institute of Housing -the professional body for people working in housing, whose purpose is to maximise the contribution that housing professionals make to the well being of communities.
  • Civic Trust -founded in 1957 to encourage high standards of planning and architecture, the trust is concerned with the quality of the built environment and its impact on people.
  • Communities and Local Gernment -The UK government's information about housing and housing practice.
  • Design for Homes -portal covering all aspects of houdsing design.
  • English Partnerships -the national regeneration agency, whose aim is to achieve high-quality, well-designed, sustainable places for people to live, work and enjoy.
  • Housing Corporation -the body responsible for investing public money in housing associations.
  • Housingnet - UK social and private housing associations.
  • Housing Rights Service -an independent organisation working to eradicate homelessness and poor housing throughout Northern Ireland.
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation is one of the largest independent social policy research and development charities in the UK. It supports a wide programme of research and development projects in housing, social care and social policy.
  • The National Home Improvement Council -NHIC represents companies and organisations that work in the home improvement sector.
  • National Housing Federation -the body that represents the independent social housing sector in the UK.
  • Priced Out -a national campaigning group that lobbies for affordable house prices for first time buyers and tenants.


Co-housing aims tobalance the traditional advantages of home ownership with the benefits of shared common facilities and connections with your neighbours. Each household has a complete private home but also jointly owns and has full access to extensive community areas which are integrally designed for daily use. The concept of Co-housing was developed in Denmark in the 1970s by people disenchanted with modern urban living.

  • UK Co-Housing Network -a directory of groups in the UK plus useful information on establishing a scheme from decision making to sources of finance. Essential reading for anyone interested in the subject.
  • Bristol Co-Housing -a co-operative that aims to create a mutually supportive, socially inclusive community of 36 homes in Bristol.
  • Rootstock -social investment society set up as part of of the Radical Routes network of co-operatives -useful info source on sustainable landuse and communal housing.

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