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This is a hugely complex subject, and unless you are expert it is probably a good idea to seek advice on choosing the right fittings. However here are some thoughts on criteria for selection:
Hinges -use stainless or equivalent for external doors; consider whether heavy duty hinges are required.
Locks and latches -check that your selected locks will meet the security requirement in your home insurance policy. Also avoid suface mounted locks as these really do not give good security. Fire doors must either lock or latch closed.
Handles -handles integral with integral backplate or separate rose and escutcheon; must be compatible the selected lock; D handles and pushplates for double doors.
Bolts -not just for security, but top and bottom bolts help keep doors from warping.
Doorstops -floor or wall mounted. Do not mount them close to the door hinge as the lever forces involved can rip the hinges out.
Closers -surface mounted overhead closers -consider which side they are to be fitted; concealed floor springs as an alternative but require a lot of forward planning, and also reduce the free opening width; concealed 'perko' types provide a cheap alternative but not always acceptable for fire doors.
Other -consider other door furniture -letterbox, catflap. Don't forget also to consider whether you need smoke seals (in the case of fire doors) or draught seals for external doors.
For further advice, the Bernards webite carries some useful frequently asked questions on different types of fitting.
  • Abloy Assa -the worlds leading manufactuer and supplier of locks.
  • Allgood -leading architectural ironmonger supplying products for commercial and public buildings -the Company specialises in unique fine design and high performance products.
  • Architectural Classics -classic styles in antique and traditional door furniture available to purchase online.
  • Architectural Ironmongery Ltd -specialists in restoration hardware with an extensive range of period door and window ironmongery and electrical fittings.
  • Chubb -founded by Charles Chubb in the 1830's the name went on to become synonymous with security locks. Now owned by Swedish lock manufacturer Assa.
  • Codelocks -specialise in the provision of standalone coded access control locks for commercial and domestic applications.
  • Dorma -manufacture commercial door controls, closers, automatic door gear, sliding door mechanisms and patch fittings for fully glazed doors.
  • Fontverges -a Spanish company that started out making buttons, but now does a unique range of colourful designer handles too.
  • Handle Your Security -door locks, handles, knobs and hinges, together with other household security.
  • Hewi -leading manufacturer of tubular steel door handles and balustrading.
  • Jebron -high quality British manufactured overhead door closers and floor springs.
  • Lorient Group -specialise in draught and fire seals.
  • Samuel Heath -makers of the famous concealed in-door self closer system.
  • Yale -locks and home security.
Specialist Retailers
  • Door Furniture Direct -online sales of handles and other door fittings.
  • Heritage Handles -interior and exterior door hardware -door knobs, pull handles and levers.
  • Simply Postboxes -you would not believe how many different types of postbox there are -this is the place to go to find them.
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Windows |
Conservatories | Rooflights | Doors | Garage Doors | Ironmongery | Glass | Shutters | Blinds and Curtains

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