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Land costs can take a very high proportion of project budgets in the UK -perhaps a third for self builders, depending on your area. Plots with Planning Permission are the most expensive (check the expiry date), but buying without is a risky business as there is no guarantee of success. Before you buy, check the local plan published by your council, which should set out the planning policy for the area; you may also wish to speak to a Planning Officer.

You should also check the services available to the site, as bringing in utilities -gas, electricity, water etc can be expensive. Make sure too, that the site has unfettered access to the public highway. Other factors you should be aware of include rights of way and legal covenants which can impact heavily on your plans.

The best opportunities in the UK are often presented by run-down or derelict buildings on brownfield sites -don't be afraid to find and approach the owner. You will need to add the cost of demoliton to your budget, and if it is a listed building then you might not be able to get approval to demolish -do not go ahead with demolition without checking -there are substantial penalties for illegally demolishing a listed building.

The Land Registry provides a useful resource -for a few pounds you can search for any property in the UK and download a copy of the title deeds and site plan indicating ownership.

Land: finding a site:

  • Building Plot -an information site to help land buyers find information on the type of land they may be looking to purchase. We also offer a directory of land agents and a range of monthly building plots for sale from a range of vendors.
  • -Finding a building plot from
  • -a site dedicated to all aspects of buying a field -access, water supply, fences, creating a wildflower meadow and much more. Then there is
  • House building sites -assistance with finding development sites in Devon, Somerset and elsewhere in the South West.
  • Landaspirations -aim to research, locate and buy rural land without planning permission in locations that have potential for future planning consent.
  • PropertySpy -sells freehold plots of Land for sale in England.
  • Self Build Land -specialise in acquiring land for self build.
  • UK Land Directory -plots of land for sale from UK Land Agents Directory.
  • -a directory of woodlands for sale throughout the UK, along with the ins and outs of owning and maintaining a wood.

Useful Information:

  • Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation Research Centre -centre of excellence for multi-disciplinary research, developing technologies for sustainable, cost effective assessment & remediation of contaminated environments, promoting their transfer to industry.
  • Direct Gov -article on registering title to land and obtaining details of individual properties.
  • HM Land Registry -guarantees the title to, and records the ownership of, interests in registered land in England and Wales.
  • HM Land Registry e conveyancing -HMLR business done online.
  • Land Use Policy Group -statutory conservation, countryside and environment agencies group who advise on policy matters of common concern related to agriculture, woodlands and other rural land uses.
  • Open Access -the Countryside Agency's portal on public use rights under the Countryside and Rights of Way.
  • The Land Is Ours -campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources, and the decision-making processes affecting them. Chapter 7, the Planning Office of TLIO, campaigns for a planning system which actively encourages sustainable, low impact and affordable homes, and recently published the report Defining Rural Sustainability: 15 Criteria for Sustainable Developments in the Countryside.
  • Who owns Scotland -online project to record the land ownership of Scotland.

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