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Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP)

If you're a householder interested in generating your own heat or electricity, you can apply online for a grant at http://www.lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk. There are funds of up to £2,500 per property towards the cost of microgeneration technologies.

The LCBP domestic grants scheme ends om 31st March 2010 for applications for small wind turbines and solar photovoltaic systems, but anyone claiming the £2,500 grant before then will also be eligible for the new feed-in tariff from 1st April 2010. The new tariff will pay for all energy generated by your system, whether you use it yourself or sell it back to the grid. This is in addition to the saving you make by buying less electricity from your supplier.

If you're looking for grants for microgeneration technologies for a public sector building or charitable body you can apply through phase 2 of the Low Carbon Buildings Programme.

The benefits of using an energy consultant

When the Part L building regulations came into force in 2006, they turned the construction industry on its head and made designing and building new homes a much more complex process. And the regulations continue to change as Government targets for reducing CO2 emissions become ever tighter.

Don Howard is Technical Director at Energist UK, explains the benefits of using an energy consultant. Read more ........

General Sources of information:

  • Association for Environment Conscious Building - aims to encourage greater environmental awareness within the UK building construction industry.
  • Building Research Establishment UKís leading centre for research, development and consultancy for all aspects of the built environment.
  • Carbon Calculator for households - Calculate your share of carbon emissions, and find out how to reduce them and save money
  • Centre for Alternative Technology -Eco Centre based at Machynlleth in North Wales, with working examples of wind, water and solar power, energy conservation, environmentally sound buildings, self build, organic growing and alternative sewage systems.
  • Centre for Sustainable Design - discussion and research on eco-design with training, workshops, conferences, research, consultancy and publications.
  • CO2 Balance -provides individuals and businesses with a simple, practical and cost-effective way to offset their unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions.
  • ECOutlet -shop for environmental goods online -all sorts of excellent ideas for your home and garden.
  • Ecotech Centre -learn about renewable energy, sustainable business practices, organic horticulture and the environment.
  • Energy Savings Trust -organisation whose aims are to encourage energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy sources by promoting cleaner fuels for transport, better insulation and heating efficiency for buildings, and small-scale renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.
  • Green Building Press - Information and publications to help you create healthy and ecological homes and buildings.
  • Green Futures -the UK's leading magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures.
  • Green Register -training and networking organisation for all disciplines in the construction industry who are committed to sustainable building practices -architects, engineers, builders, surveyors and tradespeople.
  • Grown up Green -membership organisation run by a charitable trust, who aim to promote education about protection of the natural environment and sustainability.
  • HomePower -diy energy magazine.
  • Low Carbon Buildings Programme -the programme provides grants for the installation of microgeneration technologies in a range of buildings to include households, community organisations, public, private and the non-profit sectors. Householders can apply for grants of up to £2,500 per property towards the cost of installing a certified product by a certified installer.
  • Low Carbon Network -UK based not for profit company established to raise awareness of the links between buildings, the working and living patterns they support, and global warming.
  • National Energy Foundation -independent educational charity, based at Milton Keynes whose objective is to work for the more efficient, innovative, and safe use of energy.
  • Newform Energy -suppliers of a range of renewable energy systems including biomass, heat recovery ventilation, photovoltaics, solar thermal and wind. They are also developing a solar / hydrogen system for domestic and light commercial applications.
  • Off Grid -website dedicated to the needs of people living without mains electricity or water.
  • Permaculture Association -supports people and projects through training, networking and research, using the ethics and principles of permaculture.
  • Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development -dedicated to promoting sustainable building.
  • Sustainability Works -an online software package which helps deliver sustainable housing development efficiently, from policy level to project delivery -used by housing associations, developers, architects and local authorities.
  • Sustlife -gateway for environmental, ecological and organic resources.
  • The Worlds Greatest Environmental Directory - search engine and listing of all issues of concern in the environment.
  • West Wales Eco Centre -promote the issues surrounding energy use and its impact on the environment -they publish a number of useful factsheets.

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