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Straw Bale Construction:

Super insulated and readily available, straw bale construction is increasingly popular. It is a great way to build using locally sourced renewable materials, and gives a very high level of thermal insulation. The bales are generally finished in earth or lime plaster internally and rendered or boarded externally.
On the downside is the thickness of walls and the need for careful detailing to avoid damp problems. It is also a seasonally available material.
You can find a very good pdf guide to the subject at Strawbale Futures.

Straw Bale House for Sale in France:

I have a small straw bale house in SW France, which I'd like to sell or find a partner to buy a share. I'm in the Périgord, 12kms from Brantôme.
The house is composed of a living area, small kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms on a piece of land measuring 2700square meters (1/2 acre). All is situated in a delightful Périgourdin historic village. Price: 150,000Euros.

Contact: Berry Allan


  • Cae Mabon -idyllic straw bale and cob constructed retreat on the edge of Snowdon.
  • Islington House of Straw -the house designed by Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till featured on Channel 4s Grand Designs.
  • Maison en Paille -the site of André and Coralie de Bouter, who built their straw bale house in the Charente, France.
  • Maison Sampson -the straw bale house of Mark and Deborah Sampson, featured in the first series of Channel 4's Grand Designs Abroad.
  • Strawdio -site of Piers Partridge, a musician living in the the South West of England who decided to build his music studio using Straw Bales as a building material.
  • The Straw House -straw house built in 2002 by the Wilkinson family in Herefordshire.

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