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Sustainability & Green Issues:

Here you will find general information on green design, environmental issues, solar power, natural techniques and recycling. Many of the technologies described are now available fore the domestic user, making it possible for you to reduce your dependance on C02 emitting power sources and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Follow the page headings to the left to find out more on each topic.

Code for Sustainable Homes

At the end of 2006 the government launched its Code for Sustainable Homes. The code became mandatory for new homes in May 2008, and under the code housebuilders achieve star ratings for the environmental performance of new houses. The code covers areas such as energy, water usage, materials, waste, pollution, health and ecology. It is intended to be the single national standard for design and construction of new homes.

The Code will complement the system of Energy Performance Certificates introduced under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

For further information, visit the government Planning Portal to download the standard and the full technical guidance.

Low energy -general information on green design, environmental issues, solar power, natural techniques and recycling.
Recycling -reusing materials in construction to minimise waste.
Eco shopping -where to purchase eco friendly, organic and fairtrade goods online.
Solar Power -photovotaics and other means of harnessing the sun's power.
Wind Power -using wind turbines to generate enegy.
Biomass -deriving energy from organic materials.
Geothermal -using the energy of the earth to control the temperature.
Thermal insulation -materials for insulating your house.
CHP Systems -using Combined Heat and Power systems to reduce energy use.
Grey Water -recycling water for re-use.
Eco Houses -examples of environmentally concious homes built by their owners.
Green Materials -selection of environmentally sustainable building materials.
Timber Frame -building envionmentally sustainable houses with timber frame.
Straw Bale -using the most basic of materials to achieve a super insulated house.
Earth Buildings -earth sheltered and underground houses, cob, adobe, mud and rammed earth.

Green Building Press - Information and publications designed to help create healthy and ecological homes and buildings.

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