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Thermal Insulation Materials:

As far as possible you should select your insulation to achieve the best performance and the lowest U-values you can. Usually this involves using the thickest insulation possible, although higher performance thin foils are available at a price.

In making your selection choose insulation derived from organic sources first (sheepswool, hemp fibre); alternatively use insulation derived from naturally occurring minerals (glass, mineral wool) or as a last resort insulation derived from fossil fuels (but ideally those that use Zero-ODP blowing agents).

Insulation can be placed externally (such as insulated render), in the wall (cavity insulation and full fill systems) or internally (insulated lining systems). External insulation allows the mass of the building to hold the temperature longer and is suited for buildings that have high occupancy; whereas internally insulated buildings do not hold the temperature well, but do give a fast response to heating or cooling that is turned on -this is best suited for buildings in occasional occupation, for example holiday homes.
Of course the type of insulation does also depend on the selected method of construction too -it can be sprayed, come as loose fill



  • Actis
    The inventers of thin multi wall thermo-reflective insulation -30mm thick Trisco-Super 10 is is equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool insulation.
  • Black Mountain Insulation
    Natural wool insulation from sheep farmed in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • Celotex
    Manufacturers of high performance polyisocyanurate (PIR) thermal insulation boards for use in the construction industry.
  • Ecotherm
    One of Europe's largest insulation manufacturers; they manufacture PUR and PIR Rigid Thermal Insulation construction products for use in flat and pitched roofs, walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Excel
    Makers of Warmcell blown fibre lost insulation, aimed specifically at the DIY market. Also do Soundcel acoustic insulation.
  • Icynene
    Water blown sprayed external insulation that is very good for sealing buildings against air and moisture movement -the product is applied as a liquid and expands to sixty times the original volume on drying.
  • Isover
    Part of the St Gobain group, Isover produces glass mineral wool insulation for cavity walls, roofs and other applications. Loads of useful information online covering everything from fire performance to acoustics.
  • Isonat
    Natural insulation made from hemp fibre and recycled cotton, available in batts.
  • Knauf Insulation
    leading manufacturer of Crown glasswool, Rocksilk rock mineral wool and extruded polystyrene and polyethylene insulation products. Free online SAP calculator (requires registration).
  • Passive House
    Suppliers of Igloo external wall insulation and va-Q-tec vacuum insulation panels.
  • Rockwool
    Produce full and partial cavity fill mineral fibre batts, blown rockwool fibre for cavity walls and Flexi rockwool batt for timber studs. Publish a useful guide on complying with Part L of the building Regs.
  • Second Nature
    Manufacturers of Thermafleece -thermal insulation from British hill sheeps wool.
  • Sig Insulations
    Insulation, dry lining and related products for construction and industry.
  • Steico
    German company manufacturing Canaflex flexible insulation from hemp fibre.

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