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Walls and Roofs

This section of the site will help you find information about the solid components of the external envelope -walls and roofs. In terms of energy performance they are the key elements of any house.

Walls come in three generic types, loadbearing masonry, framed and clad, or reinforced poured/sprayed materials such as concrete and ferro cement.

Featured Suppliers:

Flat Felt Roofing DVD (Torch-on Application)
Professionally produced by MC Video and presented by a specialist with a lifetime of experience in the felt roofing industry. This single DVD covers all safety issues and illustrates, chapter by chapter, a complete three layer system of the torch on application of felt roofing materials including flashings to the drip edge, side fascia, parapet wall, adjacent tiled/slate roof, box gutter, skylight and soil/pipe details. A wealth of forty years experience and knowledge plus FREE email customer support. 


Bricks -clay handmade and pressed facing brick, engineering brick and brick specials.
Blockwork -concrete blocks, insulated blocks
Glass Block -decorative blocks that allow light to pass through.
Stone -naturally quarried facing stone for dressed stonework and random rubble walling.
Earth -rammed earth, cob and abobe walling.
Lintels -steel, concrete and plastic lintels for standard openings and special situations.
DPCs and Trays -bituminous, polythene, lead.
Ventilation and Accessories -cavity ventilation, ties, straps, cavity closers and other accessories for walls.
Timber Boarding -vertical timber boarding.
Sheet Cladding -made made flat and profiled sheet materials for cladding walls and roofs.
Concrete -in situ poured / sprayed and pre cast concrete.
See also:
Insulation -thermally insulating materials for walls and roofs.
Timber Frame-manufacturers of timber frame systems and homes.


Roof finishes can be divided into pitched or flat roofs. Clearly the shallower the pitch, the more reliance is placed on the performance of the surfacing material -this may be reflected in the life of the roof finish. Traditional tiles and slate offer the greatest length

Tiles and Slate -clay plain and profiled roof tiles, slates
Thatch -traditional roofs of Norfolk Reed.
Timber Shingles -cedar, oak and chestnut shingles and shakes.
Flat Roofing -single ply membrane, mastic asphalt and built up felt roof finishes.
Green Roofs -planted roofs with grass or sedum.
Lead -valleys, gutters and other roof features in rolled lead.
Ventilation and Accessories -
Guttering -plastic, aluminium and steel rainwater systems.

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Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls
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